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Cast Biographies


The Old Cast of 90210

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Jennie Garth Kelly Taylor

Jennifer Eve Garth
Born: April 3, 1972 in Urbana, Illinois
Age: 28
Parents: John & Carolyn Garth (each had 3 children when they married, then had Jennie)
Brothers: Johnny and Chuck
Sisters: Lisa, Cammie, Wendy and Lynn
Raised on a 25-acre horse ranch outside of Urbana, Il.
At age 13, Jennie and her family relocated to Phoenix, Arizona.

Taking part in dance lessons and a little modeling, Jennie thought she would go to college and open a dance studio.
At age 15 Jennie she was approached by a talent scout at a Talent Competition........
She left high school her junior year and she and her mom moved to the L.A. area. (she has since obtained her diploma)
She started acting classes and would go to several auditions almost everyday.
After about 4 months in LA she landed a role on the NBC series "A Brand New Life" which starred Barbara Eden. (lasted only seven segments)
Shortly after, in 1990, she landed the role of "Kelly Taylor" on the new FOX series "Beverly Hills, 90210"

She has since stared in several made for television movies, a number of which she's produced. She also has a deal to direct a film in the near future.
Lives now: Jennie has a home in L.A. and a ranch near Santa Barbara where her parents also live. (Along with dozens of animals)
On June 29th, 1997, Jennie and soon to be husband, actor Peter Facinelli, had a baby girl named Luca Bella.
Jennie likes: riding her horses, gardening and working around the house
Also: Jennie is a practicing vegetarian and is involved with the animal rights organization PETA

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Jason Brandon Walsh

Jason Priestley, who used to play Brandon Walsh and was the cutest guy on the show (according to me), is just as nice in real life. That's what his cast members says. During the long hours of making 90210, it's Jason and Jennie Garth who make things more fun. They always make some jokes or just are their if the others need a supporting shoulder to lean on. From that, Jason is far from what his character Brandon is, according to himself anyway. - I'm very different from him, says Jason in an interview. To be him, I have to pick up the "little Brandon" who's in me. There is always a little Brandon in everyone of us. A bit of morality and honesty.

Where did he grow up?

Jason grew up i Vancouver, Canada, together with his older sister Justine, mom Sharon and dad Lorne.

Jason doesn't really want to talk about his childhood or his family. - They live their own lives and it's non of anyone else's business. I respect their private life.

Jason wanted to be an actor when he was only five years old. When he told his plans to his mom, she said: OK, but you have to take a bath every day. - Hold on, Jason said. I have to think this over. But taking a bath every day didn't scare him off for so long. He applied for jobs in commercials and smaller parts in TV-series. When Jason was 13, he stopped being an actor.- I didn't want to think about my looks all the time. It's not healthy for a young kid to go and worry about a scratch who could ruin your whole career. So I quit. Jason shaved this head, got a mohikan hair-do and went around in leather jacket, chains and army boots.

His Successfull years on 90210

After high school, Jason gave in for the acting and started taking drama lessons. 1987 did Jason move to California, where he got bigger parts in TV-series. Finally, did he end up in Beverly Hills 90210.

Jason got the part as Brandon four days before the first episode was about to be shot. The producers, who'd searched for a Brandon, was really happy when Jason showed up. And so are we, aren't we?

He stayed on 90210 as Brandon Walsh for 9 years. He left the show during the ninth season, but continued his work as an executive producer.

Not so succefully marriage

Last february, he got married to Ashlee Petersen. She had been a hair and make-up artist on the show for many years and they had found eachother there. The ceremony took place on a yacht in Miami.

In december 199 were, Jason and his wife Ashlee about to sepereate.

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